What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a part of marketing. Suppose you want to do your product marketing .then how will you do that? you can use ad on tv or newspaper, also bill board ad or in website ad, even put your on youtube, you can do sponsorship on youtube, you can too distribute your template and many more ways. So whenever you choose a channel Digitally for Marketing then that is known as Digital Marketing. So what is digital channel? Digital channel means YouTube ads, Website Advancement, So basically In digital marketing, you can trace people since how much of them are watching, how much of people is liking your content and how much finding your market is just a waste of time and with this. you can change fastly. For example I put a board in expensive location and the costing comes is 2-3 lakhs per month and after few days you realized I invested in a wrong place and now you can’t do any thing and you have to pay for that infact you need to be there atleast for 6 months because you made a contract with them, But in Digital Marketing there is nothing like that you can experiment your market properly without investing much you can ran a ad for two days and see if conversion is coming then you can proceed further or try something else and by this you will be able to have a solid market plan also there is one more advantage of digital marketing normally you put ad on a bill board and design a template and you don’t know who one is receiving the template. In traditional marketing there used to be a huge reach but you don’t know if your target audience is receiving or not and how much you are getting a conversion by doing this and you marketing plan is getting successful or not you can’t track your progress but in digital marketing you can track.

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